About Us

Giraffe Events are the producers of the New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Shows. Our sister companies include Green Tree Event Consultants and Green Tree Electrical Services.

Meet Our Team

Stefa Normantas

Show Producer

 Business owner--the Sister

Proud mom of four

Happily married to Texan

Gardener, Beekeeper, Beer fan

Vitas Normantas

Green Tree Electric, CEO

 Business owner--the Brother

Hard working Dad

McGyver problem solver

Gregg Shapiro

VP, Business Development and Sales

Dad to Sabrina, sports enthusiast,

mediocre weekend warrior

Whitney Burdsall

Logistics Director

Dog mom, Halloween fanatic, amateur chef, cheese enthusiast

Sandie Jones

Buyer Concierge

Summer Bucket List Winner

 Quilter Extraordinaire

Frank Freeman

Office Manager

Writer, Tolstoy fan

Happily married to a Lithuanian

Proud dad of four